vascular surgery group

The Vascular Surgery residency program was established in 1997 by Dr. Irving L. Kron and is recognized as one of the top clinical residency programs in the country. Our current vascular surgery program director is Dr. Megan Tracci. The vascular surgery residency program is two continuous years (2) of clinical training in adult vascular and endovascular surgery. All of the vascular surgery training is based at the University of Virginia Medical Center. At the completion of clinical training, residents are eligible for certification by the American Board of Surgery with specialty in Vascular Surgery.


The program spans the continuum of care: from pre operative assessment, plan and execution of operations, critical care management, post operative recovery, and post surgical follow up evaluation. Residents are exposed to a variety of surgical and endovascular surgical treatments- from standard surgerical to new and innovative technologies. The primary focus of our program is to produce vascular surgery surgeons that are competitive for both academic and private practice positions at the completion of their training. As a tertiary medical center, the vascular surgery service receives a high volume of diverse and complex cases which provides an excellent clinical experience for the residents. The emphasis of the program is to develop vascular surgeons who have superior technical skills and strong clinical judgment. The depth and variety of clinical volume precludes any time for basic science research, though clinical projects, papers, and presentations, along applications for RPVI exam, are strongly encouraged and supported. We offer two RRC-approved positions a year in the vascular surgery program. The case variety and clinical experience at the University is varied and robust. All residents will be exposed to and will perform, with appropriate supervision, open vascular cases (carotid endarterectomy, aortic aneurysms, mesenteric and renal, peripheral arterial, venous, and endovascular aortic and peripheral procedures).

Current Residents