Cellular Therapy & Transplant Core

The Cellular Therapeutics & Transplant Core helps serve patients by working to discover strategies that could predict, as well as prevent or arrest, the onset and progression of autoimmune Type 1 diabetes, reverse β-cell destruction, and permanently restore glycometabolic control, preferably without a long-term need for a patient to take immunosuppressants. Our research is successful when it is translated into clinical services that benefit patients.

Our laboratory includes the Cell Processing Core and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core. These Cores are developing new ways to provide healthy pancreatic cells, called islets, for patients needing transplants. The Cell Processing Core, which follows strict Good Manufacturing Practices established by the FDA, is able to take healthy islets from a person’s pancreas that is otherwise not functioning properly, purify the islets, then infuse them back into the patient. The Core also recently acquired 3D printing technology and are exploring biocompatible materials that might be printed and used to create an artificial pancreas. The Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core is working on technology that will enable us to create the pancreatic cells from a patient’s own tissues, such as skin cells.

To discuss collaborations with the Cellular Therapy & Transplant Core, please contact Lab Manager Linda Langman at law6r@virginia.edu or (434) 243-5452.