We are very proud of the cardiothoracic surgeons who have received their training at the University of Virginia. We view the education of these men and women as one of the primary goals of our program. The clinical volumes and the educational value of the program have increased such that we evolved from finishing one resident per year to three residents per year. Approximately 50% of the surgeons we have trained have practices in academic institutions, while the remaining 50% are in private practice, some with academic affiliations.

It is not possible to list all the graduates of our program, but a list those who have finished in the last 12 years follows below. In addition to the traditional thoracic surgery residents, there have also been some superb international surgeons who have enhanced their education and training by spending time with our faculty within the Division of Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery, though we do not have any of these trainees in our system at this time. Those with academic appointments or affiliations are noted with an asterisk.

Name General Surgery Residency Year
Michael Butler MD University of Vermont 1997
John  Kern MD* University of Virginia 1997
Arthur  Coffey MD* Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis 1998
David Robaczewski MD* Wake Forest University 1998
Scott Arnold MD* University of Virginia 1999
Richard Gitter MD Baylor University 1999
Christopher Smith FRACSD Australia 2000
Michael Mauney MD University of Virginia 2000
Benjamin Peeler MD* Vanderbilt University 2000
Phillip Antippa FRACS Australia 2001
Oliver Binns MD University of Virginia 2001
Scott Buchanan MD* University of Virginia 2001
Randall Green MD Stanford University 2002
Jeffrey T. Cope MD University of Virginia 2002
Silvana Marasco, FRACS* Australia 2002
Gene Parrino MD* University of Virginia 2003
Russell Ronson MD* Emory University 2003
George Zorn III* Vanderbilt University 2004
Jason Sperling MD University of Maryland 2004
James Gangemi MD* University of Virginia 2005
Joshua Rovin MD University of Virginia 2005
Brian Clark MD* University of North Carolina 2006
Mathew Campbell MD Eastern Virginia 2006
Lynn Fedoruk FRCS Canada 2006
Tonomi Oka MD Brown University 2007
Gorav Ailawadi MD* University of Michigan 2007
Glenn McKay, FRACS New Zealand 2007
Eric L. Grogan MD* Vanderbilt University 2008
William Bodefield MD University of Alabama-Birmingham 2008
Richard Thompson MD Duke University 2008
Rob Smith MD* University of Virginia 2009
Bret Mettler MD* University of Michigan 2009
Rafe Connors MD University of Utah 2010
Gan Dunnington MD Stanford University 2010
Ahmet Kilic MD* University of Maryland 2011
Carlos Mery MD* Brigham & Women’s Medical Center 2011
Leo Gazoni, MD University of Virginia 2012
Jay Isbell, MD* Vanderbilt University 2012
Kendra Grubb, MD* University of Illinois 2012
Phillip Carrott, MD* Brown University 2013
Eric Griffiths, MD University of Texas Southwestern 2013
Leora Yarboro, MD* University of North Carolina 2013
Matthew Taylor, MD* University of Virginia 2014
Armin Kiankhooy, MD University of Vermont 2014
Mark Roeser, MD* University of Texas Southwestern 2014
Benjamin A. Hirsch, MD Texas Tech University Health Science Center 2015
Alykhan S. Nagji, MD University of Virginia 2015
Julia Swanson, MD Oregon Health & Science University 2015
Tim George, MD* Johns Hopkins 2016
Damien LaPar, MD* University of Virginia 2016
Dan Mulloy, MD University of Washington 2016
Jesse Madden, MD University of Utah 2017
John Stringham, MD* University of Colorado 2017
Nick Teman, MD* University of Michigan 2017