2016 Excellence Report

2016 Heart and Vascular Excellence Report CoverAt UVA Heart and Vascular Center, we have assembled an exceptional team of experts with long experience treating the full range of heart and vascular disease. We devote the majority of this report to describing the cutting-edge treatments we offer for life-threatening conditions like coronary artery disease, valvular heart disease, heart rhythm disorders and aortic aneurysms.

However, this report is ultimately not about technology. It is about people — our patients and their families. Although we specialize in diverse fields, we are united in the belief that the most effective care — care that produces the best possible outcomes — depends on our efforts to build strong relationships with our patients.

We do this by paying close attention to what our patients tell us about their health. This takes a combination of hard and soft skills. We must listen carefully, but we must also know what to listen for.

We place a premium on communicating clearly, on making sure patients have the information they need, provided in a manner they can understand so that they can make decisions about their care that make sense to them.

We make sure we treat patients and their families with respect and compassion during what can be a difficult and frightening time in their lives.

In the patient stories featured in this report, the successes we’ve achieved reflect the mutual regard of patients and our healthcare team.

The ability to fulfill our commitments to patients and to deliver the highest standards of care also rests on the relationships among the hundreds of medical professionals who compose UVA Heart and Vascular Center. Our team works together to ensure that every patient receives the full benefit of our high caliber care.

Our ability to harness the full power of relationships sets UVA Heart and Vascular Center apart.

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