Dr Marin Speaks at Society of Thoracic Surgeons Roundtable

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In March of 2017, Dr. Linda Martin spoke at the Society of Thoracic Surgeons (STS) roundtable on Enhanced Recovery Pathways in Thoracic Surgery and Lung Cancer Screening Adoption.


Learn about the history of enhanced recovery pathways, the team approach, and how to implement an enhanced recovery pathway at your institution.

  • Stephen C. Yang, MD – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
  • Andrew C. Chang, MD – University of Michigan Health System
  • Linda W. Martin, MD – University of Virginia
  • Mark K. Ferguson, MD – University of Chicago
  • David C. Rice, MD – University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center


Having Federal approval for lung cancer screening has allowed for more early detection of lung cancer. Find out how 4 doctors implemented lung cancer screening programs and their barriers to doing so.

  • Doraid Jarrar, MD – University of Pennsylvania
  • Linda W. Martin, MD – University of Virginia
  • Douglas E. Wood, MD – University of Washington
  • Betty C. Tong – Duke University
  • Mara B. Antonoff, MD – MD Anderson Cancer Center


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