Mike Cosner, RN, BSN

Mike received his Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Minor in Chemistry from the College of William and Mary in 2004.  He worked as a lead flight instructor for the world’s largest hang gliding school and volunteered as an Emergency Medical Technician prior to pursuing his nursing degree.  Mike received a Bachelor’s of Nursing from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2009 and while there, worked as a Research Assistant on the Sedation and Ventilation Effects (SAVE) Study.   He began his nursing career at the University of Virginia Health System as a registered nurse in the Thoracic Cardiovascular Post-operative Intensive Care Unit in 2010, specializing in the care of critically ill patients following major heart, lung, and vascular surgeries. In this role, Mike advanced to Clinician 2, gained CCRN certification, and “super-trained” staff members on new devices and bedside technologies.  Continuing his work with cardiovascular surgery patients, Mike joined the STAC team in January 2014 and is active in clinical drug and device trials targeting stroke prevention in cardiovascular surgery patients.