Consultation Services

In keeping with the mission of the Surgical Therapeutic Advancement Center to “promote therapeutic advance-ments through research, development, and education in order to improve the clinical care of surgical patients,” an additional effort is being made by STAC to expand consultation services to industry.  These services are specifically designed to help new and medium sized companies with an entire support package for new product development and larger companies with particular areas of interest. Consultation services include:

  • Determination of surgeon needs
  • Device design
  • Device testing in bench and clinical environments
  • Financial sponsorship
  • Clinical trial execution
  • Regulatory approval
  • MSL and sales personnel organization and education
  • Post market clinical trials
  • Advisory board participation
  • Market assessment and strategy

Services can be performed off site as well as at the University of Virginia and allow STAC to provide flexible degrees of support that are tailored to each individual company’s needs. STAC has a proven track record of successful support in these areas.