Welcome to  the Thoracic Immunology Lab

The Thoracic Immunology Lab at the University of Virginia is studying various aspects of pulmonary immune response, with respect to lung cancer and organ transplantation. We aim to better understand the cytotoxic and regulatory roles of CD8 T cells in lung transplant and tumor models. The interactions of other immune cells with CD8 T cells are also part of the research focus of the lab. As both of our Principal Investigators – Dr. Alexander Krupnick and Dr. Dustin Walters – are clinicians, our lab has the added advantage of conducting both clinical and basic research. The lab is well funded by NIH and other grants.

Dr. Alexander S. Krupnick

Associate Professor
Department of Surgery, UVA
Email: AK2YF@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu
Phone: 434-924-8746

Dr. Dustin Walters

Assistant professor
Department of Surgery, UVA
Email: DMW7F@hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu
Phone: 434-243-6444


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