Jayson Esdaille, MD

University of Virginia Jayson Esdaille, MD, Surgery Resident

1st-Year Resident

Howard University College of Medicine


Hello everyone! My name is Caldon Jayson Esdaille but you can just call me Jayson. I’m originally from the Caribbean twin-island federation of St.Kitts and Nevis, where I grew up and spent most of my childhood. I attended Florida International University in Miami, FL for my undergraduate studies before matriculating into medical school at Howard University in Washington, DC. While in medical school, I did a year of basic science research in Tissue and Regenerative Engineering. What stood out to me immediately about UVA was how supportive the faculty is here and the family environment that exists within the program amongst residents and attendings. I am very excited to begin my surgical training here with the amazing, world renown faculty in the department. My current clinical interests are trauma and musculoskeletal injuries. Outside of medicine, I enjoy playing and watching basketball (LET’S GO MIAMI HEAT!!), running, strength training, traveling, swimming, hiking and playing with and taking care of my puppy.