Surgery Clerkship (Med-Ed)


Welcome to the Surgery Clerkship.  We anticipate that this will be an exciting learning experience.  You will be challenged, but your efforts will be rewarded with a memorable and invaluable experience that you will carry with you, regardless of your eventual field of medical practice.


The surgical curriculum is a combination of didactic and clinical teaching.  However the greatest opportunities for learning surgery take place in the operating room, the clinic and at the bedside. We strongly encourage you to consider these clinical activities a priority.  Important learning opportunities include Morning Report, Resident Teaching Conference, Mortality and Morbidity Conference and Surgery Grand Rounds (on Wednesdays beginning at 6.00 am). There are also many rotation specific conferences and you should obtain a schedule of these from the chief at the beginning of each rotation. The curriculum details are summarized by service-specific rotations in the Student Handbook.

Surgery Clerkship Goals

The educational goals of the surgery clerkship are to provide all third year medical students with an exposure to common surgical problems, develop basic clinical decision-making skills in this patient population, provide opportunities for students to demonstrate technical skills appropriate for their level, and provide students an experience that allows them to evaluate surgery as a future career choice.

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