Letter from Current Resident | Eric Charles, MD

Dear Applicant,

photo of Eric Charles, MDThere are many aspects of applying for general surgery residency that can be daunting.  Committing yourself for 5-7 years of rigorous training, moving away from family and friends, asking significant others to move as well or make sacrifices on your behalf, are all potential offenders.  That being said, most surgeons look fondly on their residency years as years of extreme growth and development, both personally and professionally.  Finding the program that is right for you will inevitably lead to a more enjoyable and productive experience.

Most residents will describe a “gut-feeling” during their interview as to whether or not a program seems right for them.  At the University of Virginia, you’ll experience a welcoming, engaging, hard-working group of residents that are poised to become the next group of surgical leaders.  Unrivaled collegiality and support from fellow residents and faculty members offer us the building blocks for success.  Combined with a world-class university and a top-notch medical center, UVa is consistently at the forefront of surgical advancement.

After interviewing across the country from Oregon to New York, there was one program that seemed to offer superior clinical training, endless research opportunities, and an active, thriving community to live in.  Since being at UVa, I have logged significantly more cases than I could have imagined in my first year, as well as presented as first author at a national surgery meeting.  I have made great friends, as well as found many interests outside of the hospital to pursue.

Should UVa seem to offer what you are looking for in a general surgery residency program, I anticipate meeting you at an upcoming interview.


Eric Charles, MD

Chief Resident
University of Virginia Dept. of Surgery