Taryn Hassinger, MD, MSc

Chief Resident

Medical School: University of Virginia


I am from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and moved to Charlottesville for medical school following undergrad (Hail to Pitt!). I met my now-husband in medical school, and we were excited to stay at UVA together. He has now completed his IR fellowship here following his integrated residency (which means we did our intern year together in surgery—it can be done!). I really believe that you can get great clinical training at lots of programs—our clinical experience here is fantastic, by the way—but the biggest factor keeping me at UVA was the amazing people. I fit right in with the residents, and I think the interactions and relationships between the residents and faculty here are things you cannot get anywhere else. I am now in my 5th clinical year after completing a 2-year research fellowship focusing on clinical outcomes research including a master’s degree. I have submitted my fellowship applications for colorectal surgery, and I plan on a career in academic surgery. Outside of the hospital, I still love to explore all Charlottesville has to offer including outdoor activities/festivals/concerts and delicious food and drink with my husband, our dog Maya (who we got during 2nd year of residency), and our friends (co-residents).