Heron Baumgarten, MD

Heron Baumgarten

Chief Resident
Medical School: University of Washington


I grew up in Spokane, WA and went to UCSB for undergrad. There, I studied Chinese History and Political Science. After college, I took some time to travel and did a lot of skydiving and snowboarding before deciding to get my MPH in Global Health and Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Boston University. I started working for the Clinton Foundation in Boston  but quickly decided I needed to get out from behind the computer. I went to the University of Washington for medical school and learned I wanted to be a pediatric surgeon. I became interested in this training program because when I asked my Pediatric Surgeon mentor which training programs trained the best technical and clinical surgeons in his experience as a fellowship director, he said UVA. When I came here for my interview, I was enchanted by the red dirt and Monticello and the camaraderie among the residents and faculty. There is a great academic rigor here, balanced by down-to-earth people focused on becoming excellent surgeons and having fun in the process. During my research years, I moved to Philadelphia to work in a fetal surgery lab at CHOP, and I studied the effects of amniotic fluid on fetal development and gut development within an artificial uterine environment. This year, I matched for fellowship at University of Louisville!

I love to be active outside, in the mountains, at the beach – hiking, riding my motorcycle, scuba diving, skydiving. I seek adventure and self discovery, and I very much value the process of continually challenging myself to be better, more present, more kind, more humble. I believe very much in doing good in the world, kindness and hard work.