Andrew Hawkins, MD

UVA Surgery resident Andrew Hawkins

3rd-Year Resident
Medical School: Boston University


I grew up outside New York City and went to both undergrad and medical school in Boston, Massachusetts. My research interests include data science, health informatics and technology in medicine. One project that I really enjoyed working on during medical school involved the development of a mobile continuing medical education platform that was distributed to HIV/AIDS physicians in Vietnam. I hope is to expand upon my experiences in global health and technology implementation during my time at UVA. UVA originally attracted me because it felt like a smaller more intimate program that would allow for longitudinal relationships with faculty but also gave residents research opportunities that rivaled larger programs. When I was interviewing, I also sought out a community of people who would support me through the ups and downs of surgery residency. So far, I have been so incredibly lucky to meet the genuine individuals who make up my intern class. I am really energized and honored to work with such a diverse class. I have always loved time spent outdoors and sharing adventures with close friends so CVille is a great place to be!

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