General Surgery Residency Program


The General Surgery Program at the University of Virginia offers a unique commitment to the residents through rigorous clinical experience, dedicated research and a structured curriculum striving to create the future leaders in academic surgery.  During the five-years of our clinical program, residents gain knowledge of the pre-operative and post-operative patient care with a strong focus on critical care, develop surgical technical skills and most importantly, acquire pre-, intra-, and post-operative decision making skills.

Additionally, all residents spend at least one month of dedicated and protected research time and most residents spend one to three years in the NIH-funded clinical or basic science research laboratories combining academic excellence with clinical expertise.

We have a strong tradition of education.  Faculty are dedicated to resident education at a departmental and individual level.  Residents are dedicated to the education of other residents and of students.  It is a culture and an expectation that residents in our program seek opportunities to educate. Many UVA students cite this as a reason to seek entrance to our program. A grossly disproportionate percentage of teaching awards available in our institution are won by the Department of Surgery.

Resident Schedule – April 2019

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