Thoracic Surgery Division


The Division of  Thoracic Surgery is based at the University of Virginia, which is one of the major Thoracic Surgical academic centers in the country, and the Thoracic Residency is one of the most highly competitive and desirable training programs.

Education and Training
Thoracic Surgery Residency
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The 6-year Integrated Thoracic Surgery Residency and 2-year Senior Thoracic Residency programs at UVA are designed for residents entering directly from medical school for training in cardiothoracic surgery. The traditional residency program consists of two consecutive years of clinical training in adult cardiac, general thoracic, and pediatric cardiac surgery.


Thoracic Surgery Research

The research mission of the Division of Thoracic Surgery is to create an environment where we generate new knowledge that will advance the field and ultimately benefit our patients. Our divisions have a long history of success in research and have contributed significantly to the medical literature. All faculty members are involved in various types of research including studying basic scientific questions related to diseases of the heart, chest, and blood vessels, as well as important clinical research questions related to improving outcomes for our patients.

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Our vision is to provide innovative and compassionate surgical care to our patients based, in part, on novel clinical and research discoveries pioneered at UVA. This vision can only be realized by engaging friends of thoracic & cardiovascular surgery to share in and support our missions of world class clinical care, cutting-edge research, and innovative teaching.